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FSCP Course Information

Product and skills training is the foundation for career-long learning and helps advisors and agents succeed. The FSCP™ program is designed to take our current training curriculum to the next level – offering fresh content and the latest delivery technology to give financial services professionals’ even greater results.

The eight (8) courses constituting the educational requirement for the CARAIFA FSCP Designation are:
FA 201 Techniques for Exploring Personal Markets
FA 202 Techniques for Meeting Clients Needs
FA 251 Essentials of Business Insurance
FA 257 Essentials of Life Insurance Products
FA 261 Foundations of Retirement Planning
FA 271 Foundations of Estate Planning
FA 290 Ethics for the Financial Services Professional
FP 99 FSCP Certification Course & Examination

NB. It is highly recommended that courses be done in the order as shown. CARAIFA will not be responsible for any issues as a result of deviation from the recommended order. Each FSCP Course is moderated course except for FA 290 Ethics for the Financial Services Professional. Each course runs for eight (8) weeks, one (1) day of the week for two and a half (2 ½) hours. The cost per course is US$400.00.

Attendance: Students enrolled in the 8-week FSCP course, may be absent from no more than 2 regularly scheduled classes. The FSCP courses are all eight (8) week courses.

Examination: The student must achieve a score of at least 70 percent on the final examination.

Final Grade: The final grade must be at least 70 percent. The final grade is the average of the examination grade and the moderator's grade IF the student received a passing grade in the examination. If the student does not receive a passing grade in the examination, the final grade will be the same as the examination grade. The moderator's grade is an average of the grades students earned for class participation, written assignments, Sales Planning Projects, and Action Projects.

For the FA 290: The student must achieve a score of at least 70 in the FA 290 examination on the final examination.

Please note that passing the Education requirements for the FSCP programme does not automatically give a student the right to use the FSCP Designation. They MUST apply to CARAIFA via their Local Association and receive an FSCP Certificate.

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