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We are JAIFA. Service to the Nation and the Profession. The Dignity of Service. read more

Message From The Chair

Mr. Chairman, fellow Board members, Company Executives, Managers, Colleagues, friends and families.

It is with tremendous humility and a heart of gratitude that I stand here this evening to address you as the 65th president of JAIFA. I thank you most sincerely for the confidence you have placed in me and with God’s help I promise not to disappoint.

I would like to take a moment to remind ourselves of what this association stands for. We are 86 years old, one of the oldest associations in Jamaica and represent Sales Representative from all Life Insurance Companies, Banc association, Agencies and Brokerage Houses in Jamaica and Comprises over Eight Hundred (800) members. Our main focus is to enhance the image of each Insurance and Financial Advisor through involvement in public service.

We assist Advisors to grow as individuals, as leaders and most importantly as professionals. We do this through meetings, seminars’, sales congress, education through our financial services, certified professionals courses (FSCP) certified by the American College, also the Chartered Life Underwriter and the Chartered Financial Consultant designation also certified by the American College.

For sales managers we have the Agency Manager’s training course; just this year we have certified some managers who will now train new managers. We implore all the companies to partner with us as a well trained advisor is an asset and will represent the company brand well.

Let me point out here; a significant benefit from participating in these courses gives individuals the opportunity for enduring friendship across the industry and even the entire Caribbean. We seek to ensure ethical standards are maintained by our members, we also have collective negotiations with Government and Statutory Bodies as to how members are treated as it relates to income tax. We also keep intact with the Financial Services Commission and the Medical Foundation.

We recognized and awards outstanding Sales performances eg. CARIFA’S activity, quality and sales achievements awards, Million Dollar Round Table industry top producer, association members of the year just to name a few.

Moving Forward

We recently had our board retreat and put forward some plans; I am pleased to say that we were able to secure a small increase in dues at the last AGM, this allows us now to do jobs reclassification and grant the long awaited salary increase to the staff of the Secretariat.

We have started the process and finalize setting up a website. As mandated by the membership, we are finalizing the Property Committee to look at the challenges we faced as it relates to income tax.

The property ladies and gentlemen is not in a good condition and property tax is becoming unaffordable. The committee is task with the responsibility of coming with a plan and recommendations to the board and the membership.

Immediately through, we will be moving to give a face lift to the property- we will be installing a gate for the security of the property, removing the tree at the front and clearing the property to aloe for some additional parking space that will generate some needed income; in addition, we will be doing some painting to the front of the building. We are hoping that one of our major life companies will take on the refurbishing of the board room and in return they could brand this room.

IPP Meredith is moving full speed to activate the pass president council and I am pleased with the expression of support from a number of pass presidents. Our end of year social headed by Director Dave Hill coming up and of course Blastoff in January, of course ladies and gentlemen our big signature project is the CARIAFA’S Congress April 29th to May 3rd.

By all indication, we are set to host the largest congress in a very long time- our esteem Congress Director Orville Johnson OD in top gear and with the support of a qualified dynamic team, with full support the companies. Congress 2018 promises to be one for the history book. Don’t be left out, before you leave ensure you sign up and secure your space tonight.

 We look to partner with the Medical Foundation to have four (4) health fairs- one in each quarter. We will be completing our outstanding charity committee- the one in Western chapter also refurbishing the JAIFA’S wheelchair ramp across the Island. We are also looking to identify a new national project and ask that you give our Fundraising Director your full support.

Ladies and gentlemen my theme- “find your Passion-Brand your life”. Passion is the reason we wake up in the morning- a feeling of satisfaction knowing you are living your life on your own terns. Without passion, we could easily become unhappy and unmotivated. 

Brand your life- first I asked this question of our life company, how can you partner with this noble association to help our Advisors to see personal branding as a way of life to relearn some timeless lessons. Ask ourselves how our lives would change if we were to stop making excuses, if we were to keep our words, did what we say we would do and hold ourselves accountable, be man and woman of integrity. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we live in a time of low expectation, the way we often choose to live and work today is a far cry from the purposeful living of most of those before us, the bar of excellence seem to be lowering as the days go by. We seem to have a disconnect between the wisdom of the old and the technology of the young oftentimes feeling threatened on both sides but wisdom might just be the way to reconnect with values of a people that practice common sense values- good morning, thank you is still in order- the good book says “one returns to say thank you”. 

Attitude is from beginning of time. Remember the two (2) thieves on the cross, one dude had a bad attitude and you know what happen to him, the other dude on the other hand had a good attitude and was rewarded with a place in Paradise. My message is this- chose to guide and cultivate your personal brand. What do you wish for people to associate you with, what do you stand for, what separates you from everyone else, How do I live my professional and personal life. Let me end by referring a gentleman who was recently inducted into the PSOJ Hall of Fame, an exceptional successful man who in my estimation has managed to brand his own personal life. 

Richard Byles who epitomized success a man of enormous wealth, I might add in an interview- this is what thrills his soul- “wife of almost 36 years, 2 sons, the centre of my life,” he said “the life that has being changed as a result of Sigma run, his voluntary service to the nation, the young people who he has mentored and those he continues to mentor”- no time has he mentioned thirteen (13) years of record profit merges and the many many accomplishments- at the end of the day those are what matters. 

 This is what gives real joy. My friends, happiness at the end of the day is the lives you have impacted. I was hungered and you feed me. Romans 2 also tell us- kind deeds are never lost, it stored in the vault of our souls. Sir you have earned my absolute love and admiration, you have demonstrate true sense of personal branding.

 Sir you have earned my absolute love and admiration, you have demonstrate true sense of personal branding. Members, family friends, climb the ladder of success; get all the wealth possible after all, the bible tells us money answereth everything Ecc. 10:19, make sure you meet company and personal target, who you are and what you will be remembered for- you see at the end of the day every single one of us in this room will die leaving exactly the same amount- (everything) and all that matter is what we gave, our signature, what we target, our integrity, our courage, sacrifice that empowers.

Find your Passion, find your Brand I thank you. 

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